The Resurrection Alleluia


  My first real, full length piece was completed in the early Winter 2003. I first started writing this piece back in the fall of 1979 (yes, 1979!). After Christmas 1997, I again got the urge to create a new musical piece. But instead, I pulled out an incomplete piece that I worked on and off of for the last two years. I believe that I was meant to finally finish this piece, and so I did.  It is meant as an Easter piece, to be done a capella (without accompaniment) by a four voice, traditional choir. It is an exuberant piece, to be done with great joy and verve.

It can also be done with handbells. The added handbells peal out the joy of the Risen Lord, which adds to the excitement. (About Handbells: Handbells are bells with handles on them. They were first introduced to our country in the very early 1900's from England by P.T. Barnum (yes, the "circus guy!"). A person would ring them by grasping the handle, extending the arm fully and, by "flicking" the wrist, sending the clapper inside the bell to strike the casting, thus producing a wonderful, bright tone! The handbells we use at my parish are from the Malmark company. One always wears cotton gloves so that the body's natural acids do not pit the bronze bells, which are an alloy of 80% copper and 20% tin). If you wish to know more about Handbells, visit the AGHER homepage.


       The Resurrection Alleluia was performed at the Easter Vigil Liturgy at St. Juliana Parish for the first time Easter    Vigil, 1998. It is dedicated to Father Donald Ahearn, a very dear fiend of mine. Click HERE to hear this piece.


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