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About The Aluminum Group

Brothers John and Frank Navin have always played music together, leading to
the inevitable formation of The Aluminum Group in 1989.  They released
their first CD, "Wonder Boy", in 1995.  Described by Chicago Tribune rock
critic Greg Kot as "Chicago's lounge-pop band of the moment," The Aluminum
Group will release their new album, "Plano," in August of 1998.  The album
comes from a small town outside of Chicago where there is a house called
the "Farnsworth House."  The Aluminum Group appreciated it so much that the
house became a theme for the CD.  With unmatched harmonies and some of
strongest musicians in Chicago, The Aluminum group stand poised to become
"Chicago's lounge-pop band of all time."

They report that they "are over the moon" about being included on I WANNA

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