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About My Scarlet Life

"If the Dali Lama and the Marquee De Sade met for dinner at the Restaurant At The End Of The Universe....or Timothy Leary and Morticia Adams vacationed at the Pleasure Dome Zanadu, My Scarlet Life would be the live soundtrack of choice." - Aaron Lanterman, St. Louis Night Times

You can almost picture the room Big Hat used to create their music--full of thick tapestries, candelabras, dead roses, burning joss sticks, maybe even the odd eye of newt. Not hard to picture, since that was the over-riding look--and sound--of the act's live show, a rich, dark mixture of electronics, hand percussion and flowers. Ditto the look of My Scarlet Life, though you can figure that they open the curtains once in a while now, letting in a little light to pierce the haze of Big Hat's general seriousness. No matter how glum, Big Hat's sound had gotten popular.

This, of course, is My Scarlet Life, a four-piece band from Chicago featuring Preston Klik, the heart and guts of the long-running, four-album Big Hat. Joining him in this new incarnation are percussionist Paul Fini, bassist Amy Spina, and vocalists Julie Schreiber and Christy Cameron Smith. The latter two, along with Klik, write the music, a more skittery blend of sound than before. In short, it's simply happier, free of the deep, dark melodicism of the other band.

Preston Klik has worked with MINISTRY on their Twelve Inch Singles (trumpet) and the SMASHING PUMPKINS on the Red Hot Organization's No Alternative CD (melodica). Preston has also played numerous times with the Drovers and Sister Soleil, and is a member of Juniper (which includes Stella and Grey of Sister Soleil).                                                                           

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