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About Nora O'Connor

Nora O'Connor has been singing all her life. As a child at home, her father would teach her the Irish classics and they would sing together like two turtledoves.

Classifications such as folk, soft rock, singer/songwriter, or genre placement ala Americana, and Adult Alternative are at once contradictory and appropriate when attached to Nora O'Connor. Indeed, there is plenty of all of the above and much more within the confines of her debut release Cerulean Blue for O'Connor to fit comfortably. Taken as a whole, however, Cerulean Blue in general (and O'Connor in particular) operate on a broader palate, showcasing her deft ability to forge a voice and sound of her own. From the sweet strands of the opener "Oma" to the edgy grit of "Wired," the tin pan alley shadings of "Tommy Cheddar" or the down home appeal of "My Hero," O'Connor crafts songs to fit their subject matter rather than restrict herself to a self imposed "style."

O'Connor's lyrical delivery takes on a conversational quality as she winds her way through tales of gay friends ("Tommy Cheddar" and "Lipstick Lesbian"), bar stool observations and flirtations ("Shitty Ol' Beer"), and serious ass kissing ("Devil In Drag"). Told through the intriguing, contradictory combination of a wide-eyed innocent and seasoned sage, O'Connor weaves stories of simple complexity by stating the facts openly and honestly. That her directness rises above "trite" and into the realm of "wise" can be explained in one word: Talent.

In addition to her personal original pieces, in her live set you might also hear Nora's interpretations of songs by Jonathan Brooke & The Story, Jane Siberry, Cindy Lee Berryhill and Nanci Griffith. As well as Ween, Freedy Johnston and Prince.

On the scene, O'Connor has recruited Poi Dog Pondering's Dave Max Crawford into her recording sessions (he plays accordion on "Lipstick Lesbian") ; performed and recorded with Urban Twang, The Aluminum Group, The J Davis Trio, and The Blue Meanies; shared the stage with Jeff Tweedy (Wilco, Uncle Tupelo), Jolene, Moxy Fruvous, Michael McDermott and Kevin Connelly; wowed audiences at premier Chicago venues such as Metro, Double Door, Schubas, The Vic, Cubby Bear, Lounge Ax, Martyr's, Gunther Murphy's, Uncommon Ground Coffeehouse and Beat Kitchen; and garnered much coveted radio airplay on WXRT's Local Anesthetic, and Champaign Illinois' WEBX (one of the country's first FM radio stations to simultaneously broadcast worldwide audio via the Internet) where Cerulean Blue racked up 24 spins a week in heavy rotation for over four months, and generated top phone requests and e-mail reaction from across the globe.

It's an impressive roster for merely a couple year's worth of effort, and a harbinger of the illustrious career ahead of her.

Nora is currently performing in a band called The Blacks as Nora Black with Dan and Gina Black. They were called The Black Family but there was already a group over in Ireland with that name, some sisters called Mary and Frances. ;-) Their debut album DOLLY HORRORSHOW was released on September 22, 1998 on Bloodshot Records (The same day I WANNA BE KATE was released!).

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