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About The Plunging Necklines

The Plunging Necklines started as a trio in 1995, first heard on WLUP's Sunday Funnies Show with Brian McCann. They were guilty as charged for invoking THE RAP OF THE EDMUND FITZGERALD (which due to its length is still being performed for the first time as you read this). Their next affront played out at Schubas' Hoot Night with, among other things, a paean (sounds like "pain") to the quintessential 70's bummer ballad, WILDFIRE.

Now a duo, jiggling...er, juggling gigs with their alteregos, the lost Spice girls "Sputnik Spice" and "Spice Rack," The Plunging Necklines are nothing.....if not eclectic, exploring as the PR blurb states, "Folk, Rock 'n' More" - Shakespeare to Springsteen, The Ink Spots to XTC, with stops at tunes a little bit country, a little bit celtic, more than a little Kinksy and often guilty of great poignancy...

They specialize in the medley, in queer juxtapositioning of songs serving a specific theme, a certain artist, or just 'cause it's goofy. Again for a Hoot Night entitled "Neil vs. Stevie," TPN created the first Stevie Nicks/Stephen Foster medley, legal ONLY in Illlinois (if you sing CAMPTOWN LADIES to the tune RHIANNON, you'll know why every banjo player in the South winces slightly whenever TPN hits the stage).

The 'Necklines sing not only original songs they wrote, but also original songs written by others. Jacquie Krupka (guitar and vocals) penned music to Robert Frost's THE ROAD NOT TAKEN and to Willie the Shakes' VER/HIEMS from "Love's Labours' Lost." Pretty heady stuff -- so for the sake of balance, Meg Guttman (vocals and percussion) is working on her first Neckline oeuvre, THANKS FOR THE LOBSTER. Together they create the swirling, jazzy, heaven-and-hell harmonies that are their raison d'etre -- their whores d'oeuvres -- the je ne sais quoi but I don't know what it is...

Finally, The Plunging Necklines wish to offer up music never before encountered, the sheer joy of living inside it, and the unfettered fun of life itself. They WISH. Wishing makes it so...

It's like rock 'n' roll British vaudeville, only the beer is cold.

Sometimes a visual, always an attitude -- The Plunging Necklines

- Jacqueline Krupka

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